The Machine Headz story starts in the year of 2180. Society as we know it has been destroyed by war and earth has turned to a cold, dystopian wasteland. Ruled by the Machine Headz – a new master race enhanced with superior technology to survive earths new harder conditions. It is no place for humans, the ones who remains hide and try to build up the strength to challenge the Cyborg race of Machine Headz. But the road to reclaim earth is long and hard. Will the human race forever be lost or will the dreadful machines be beaten? There is only one why to fins out, join us and build our story. This story begins here.

The team

The members of the Machine Headz team are well-known in the Cardano NFT space. All of the team members has been involved in several projects before this one, adding to a impressive amount of experience and know-how. We can with proud present our amazing and hard working team:


Graphic Designer

Kimosabe has worked with graphic design for over 15 years. He is a well-know artist in the Cardano NFT space and have been a part of several collections like Cyberpunk S1 & S2, Hell Hounds, Gojira, Symbiotes, Titan Avatars and Survival Arena. He is the creative mind behind Machine Headz.



Shaahin is a true coding guru – one of the best. He lives, breaths and loves developing. He is a well-known developer in the Cardano space and a co-founder of projects like Pixendo, Time Trotters and Walleticon. We are very lucky to have his experience on the team.


Community Manager

Meque is a top tier community manager and an active member of the Cardano space. She takes care of the community like no one else. Her experience as a moderator speaks for it self; Happy Hoppers, Fortune Freaks, Foodies, Lazy LLamas, Raging Reds and Hell Hounds.

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