Roadmap 2022

Step 1

Q1 2022

  • All assets
    Create the art.
  • DONE
  • Animations
    Create and optimize all animations.
  • DONE

Step 2

Q1 2022

  • Website
    Create the project website with all the necessary info.
  • DONE
  • Discord
    Create and prepare the Discord server, home for the Machine Headz.
  • DONE

Step 3

Q1 2022

  • Whitelist
    Start building the Machine Headz Community.
  • DONE
  • Giveaway and contests
    Start different giveaway and contests.
  • DONE

Step 4

Q1 2022

  • Pre-sale
    Pre-sale minting window for Whitelist. 1 hour before mint.
  • DONE
  • Public Sale Launch
    Public sale launch for everyone.
  • DONE Minting is live!

Step 5

Q2 2022

  • First Airdrop
    Airdrop sent to Machine Headz NFT owners.
  • DONE

Step 6

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Second Airdrop
    Second NFT Airdrop for the cost of the transaction fees.
  • DONE

  • Season 2
    Start of season 2 with a new Machine Headz theme, more advanced animations, metal-music, staking and a lot more!
  • War of the Machines
    Next step of the Machine Headz evolution. Pick your Machine Headz clan and prepare for war!

Step 7

2023 and beyond!

  • Expanding the project
    The story continues and we present the extended lore in a fun format.
  • Season 3 – The Road to Glory!
    We are not going to promise a bunch of cool things and then fail to deliver, BUT we will continue to develop and grow this project. We want to build a whole world of Machine Headz. Early members will always be rewarded further ahead. We have a lot of bad-ass ideas and plans to expand the realm of the Machine Headz. The saga has just begun…

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