Machine Headz is a series of all animated digital art NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain. The first collection holds 1000 unique tech inspired NFTs with different rarities and attachment. The story starts in the year of 2180, where most of mankind is wiped out or in hiding. It is a cold and dystopian world ruled by the feared Machine Headz, a cyborg race emerging after the Machine Wars. Get your Machine Headz NFT to shape the fate of the earth.

Utility airdrops x 2

To reward the holders of a Machine Headz NFT, we will send a free NFT airdrop to all buyers after the project is sold out. If you continue to hold your first Machine Headz NFT you will receive one more bonus NFT after Season 2. This means holders will receive 3 NFTs in total, the first one at minting, second one as an airdrop and the third one at the cost of only the transaction fee.

The Collection

Created by the NFT artist Kimosabe Art, a respected and well-known in the NFT space for consistently high quality art, a masterful use of colors and of course animations! In the first Machine Headz collection every one of the 1000 pieces are animated. All with different rarities depending on their attributes.

Join the Community

Machine Headz is in early days, join the community now for gaining whitelist and OG spots and be part of the community to set out the course of Machine Headz. We want to build a really strong and enjoyable community where everyone can take part and forge the fate of the Machine Headz. Start by joining our Discord.

The art

Here you will see some examples of the art each NFT is holding. Click on the image to see it in full-screen.

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